We have just changed the season, the temperatures are dropping and the first rains have begun. Autumn, the time of year that allows you to transform dry branches into fruits, officially began on 22 September.

September is always a somewhat special month, for many it is as if it were the real New Year. It could depend on the fact that they are still linked to some ancestral memory linked to those ancient pre-Gregorian calendars that started the year precisely in this month.

Whether you consider it a period of beginning or transition from one season to another, this month undoubtedly represents a phase of transformation. Harmony dominates this moment: day and night have the same duration, the days are tinged with orange, red, and gold, nature celebrates the end of a cycle. Before entering the resting season, the harvest is complete, the trees begin to shed their leaves and the animals prepare their burrows for the winter. It is the season in which the ancient peoples selected everything that was no longer useful to transform it.

The change of season in autumn can affect emotions, mood, and knowing how to manage these natural reactions to changes in nature, of which we are part, is really essential for our well-being. It is possible to experience this moment of the year with more serenity by actively participating in the natural process of change. Just as trees drop their leaves and shift their energy towards the roots to prepare to welcome the new sprouts that will come in spring, so each of us is invited to close the cycles of the past in order to be reborn.

So why not take some time and do a short but powerful exercise to follow this transformation? It will help you in harvesting the fruit, letting go of the dry branches and leaves, and planting the seeds that will sprout in spring.

4 Steps to transform dry branches into fruits

  1. Start by reviewing the past 3 months and consider all the fruits they have brought you. All those big and small things that summer has allowed you to enjoy, those small and big successes in your private life or at work. Those big and small moments spent in good company or doing what you love, and every other big or small thing that made you feel good. Then express deep gratitude for all of this and celebrate the “harvest” in the way that is most familiar or congenial to you.
  2. Think about what in your life has reached the end of the cycle, think of everything that you carry around just out of habit, think of all those objects that you haven’t used for a long time, think of all those relationships that are just a waste of energy. In short, look at everything in your life that could be considered as dry branches or leaves, be grateful for the fruits they brought when they were alive and start letting go, pruning those branches now devoid of lifeblood.
  3. When you have finished, choose what you want to invite into your life, it can be new projects, new activities you want to start, new habits, new behaviors, or whatever you want to be present in your daily life. Then visualize that project, that activity, that behavior, that habit, or what you want, as already realized, and take note of what you see and your feelings.
  4. the first steps you can start taking or the first actions you can begin to take to realize that vision. And as soon as they are clear, start taking action!

So, what are you waiting for to transform dry branches into fruits: and take the 4 steps to welcome Autumn?