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I have met Luisa during a Mentoring program, and she changed my life for the better. A good mentor is supposed to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. Luisa did more than that: she tuned the message carefully to be sure I get it right, to be sure it reached my inner self. She didn't give up until my eyes sparked with understanding. A good mentor is supposed to be committed, giving time and ongoing support to the mentee. Luisa's words are always with me. The work we've done together gave me awareness about my strength, my achievements, and how to use them for the future. It unlocked the positivity I had deep inside. A good mentor is supposed to be a good role model. Luisa is an extraordinary professional, recognized in Italy and abroad, reinvented herself successfully, and lives for challenges. On a personal level, you have to look in her eyes to be overwhelmed by her kindness and her enjoyment of life. I feel so grateful to have Luisa as a mentor.

Mirela Novodaru

Global IT Analytics Architect

Luisa is a very positive and motivating person. I worked with her 1:1 online in a time I had to make hard decisions and I had no idea on how to do that. She is great in listening and even greater in asking the right questions at the right time and miraculously solutions showed up I did not even consider before. She gave me excellent but easy to use tool to fell calm and stay positive. I can highly recommend working with her. She helps you to keep the spirit up wich is incredibly valuable especially when times get tough.

Britt Tasser

CEO Ingenieurbüro Tassenbacher GmbH

The experience with Luisa was truly unique and powerful. Bringing out a part of me that perhaps I didn't even know struck me enormously. Positively. That deep and inner voice that lives freely and without fears or be afraid helped me to put things, situations, and people into a different perspective and light. First of all, I understood that I have to take action if I want to achieve concrete results in line with my expectations and values. Then, I realized that within me there are already the seeds of rebirth and rediscovery. It is my responsibility to cultivate and allow them to grow in a healthy and balanced way. Dedicating time and space also to what really makes me feel good is part of it. The emotions and feelings I felt during the inner listening phase filled me, made me full of energy, filled, ready to do, and be. I like to think that when I need I can always return to that place, where the voice reassures me and supports me. It depends on me, only on me. 

Lucia B.

Press Officer