About me

I know what it feels like to hide who you are.
And I know what it feels like to express and manifest who I am. It feels incredible, it feels powerful.
There have been many times in my life where I have been like other people want me to be and I have wasted so much of me. But I am thankful for every single moment because each of them made the woman I am today.
I’m still learning, still removing the dust, choosing every day to be Myself, still choosing every day to be Happy!

Who am I?

I’m a researcher, practitioner, and teacher of holistic disciplines, and I strongly believe that both in business and in private life, it is essential to consider the person in their entirety and integrity.

I’m Italian, I live in Milan and I was born in Bari, a beautiful and sunny city on the Adriatic sea. I speak English, French and a bit of Spanish. I’m a proud aunty of a sweet little girl and of an active little boy that make my heart smile.
I’ve worked for over 20 years in the commercial department of a fast-moving consumer good corporate, first dealing with customer management and trade marketing and then taking on the responsibility for training, organizational development, and internal communication. After a successful career in the development of people, in the implementation of important change management projects and in the organization of internal processes, I founded my own company, Être – The well-being of people and organizations.

My Professional Expertise

I mentor and coach people on achieving happiness through the expression of their talents and their uniqueness.
I’m an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.
I’m a certified facilitator in Systemic Constellation, and a certified facilitator in LEGO®SERIUS PLAY® method.
I’m a trainer and facilitator in soft skills (relationship, self-management, leadership, team dynamics, public speaking, storytelling, people management) and negotiation skills.
I lead workshops for corporations who care about their people and who want to create a happy environment in their work place.

Let's stay in touch

Do you want to know how to start to bring happiness in your life?

Drop me a line, I’ll get back to you in a couple of days


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