Ciao! I’m very happy to welcome you!

Today in the US it’s the Thanksgiving. it doesn’t exist in Italy, it’s not part of our tradition. No… it’s not about the turkey 😉 it’s about Gratitude.

To be grateful, to appreciate what we have in our life, to look for the beauty and the good around us, not only in the good days, also in the bad one, in the dark moments, when we feel alone, stuck, lost, it’s a choice.

Gratitude is powerful.

Yesterday has been a hard day for me: I was very concerned for a friend who is dealing with a serious health issue, then I had a discussion with a very rude man and I had a problem in my kitchen room and I cannot use it. I confess you, at one point I cried… So I allowed myself to feel all my emotions, to pass-through those feelings and let them go.  Then I forced myself to see the good around me and I realised that I was safe at home while there was the thunderstorm outside. that in the evening I’ve planned to have dinner with a very dear friend, and I treated myself with a cup of hot chocolate.

Do you know what I did?

I practised a very simple exercise called “3 Good Things” to be grateful for. It’s proven that practising this exercise daily authentically energize you and the results will last 3 months.

Let’s practice Gratitude together. The 3 Good Things I’m grateful for today are:

  • I enjoyed the first sunny day, after several rainy ones
  • I received a very helpful message from a friend
  • The tyre repairer finally found my winter tyres which seemed to be lost 🙂
What are yours?

Decide which they are for today and record them in the way you prefer. It could be a short video, a vocal recording, a note on your mobile or your agenda. The important thing is to record them to have the possibility to review now and then and to see how many gifts we have in our life.