Take part in your life
and build your happiness

I LOVE ME is an individual journey to learn what means to love yourself exactly as you are and live it! Thanks to this journey you could let go the idea of who you are supposed to be or how other people want you to be, reconnect yourself with the real you, and let he/her express.

Throughout the work we will do together you will learn how to put yourself in the first place without feeling guilty, to recognize and become aware of your talent, your uniqueness, and to open the doors to happiness.

This journey, unique and personalized, will allow you to:

  • Bring your heart and mind together to express and manifest who YOU are.
  • Focus your talents and your uniqueness to feel your power.
  • Live on the brighter side of life, improving your health, wellbeing, and emotional resilience.
  • Reduce your stress to deal with life’s problems with confidence.
  • Learn what happiness is for you not doing what other people think you should do.

Helen M.


Luisa is a natural coach and brings a wonderful awareness to others through her unique coaching methodology. Luisa helped me to discover the keys to moving forward in a positive way in my business.

Lucia B.


The experience was truly unique and powerful. Bringing out a part of me that perhaps I didn’t even know struck me enormously. Positively. That deep and inner voice that lives freely and without fears or be afraid helped me to put things, situations, and people into a different perspective and light.

Britt T.



Luisa is a very positive and motivating person. […] She is great in listening and even greater in asking the right questions at the right time and miraculously solutions showed up I did not even consider before. She also gave me excellent but easy to use tools to feel calm and stay positive.

How does it work?

• The I LOVE ME journey includes 8 sessions of duration from 60 to 90 minutes each.

• The sessions are on the Zoom platform.

• The sessions take place over a period of three months

• Between sessions, I will send you the exercises tailored to your needs

Along the way, we keep in touch via email for quick feedback and updates.

How much does it cost?

“I LOVE ME” costs 997 € one single payment. As Black Friday Deal it will cost only 498 €. If you need a payment plan, let’s talk.

When I can join?

You could start at every moment. But after December 4th it will cost again 997 €. Just click JOIN, fill in the form, and you will able to book your first session.

Bonus for you

I have reserved a special bonus for you if you buy your journey now:
• 4 additional calls of 20 minutes each

Do you want to know more?

Book a call we will discuss if “I LOVE ME” is right for you.



Tayna P.


Luisa has a profound feeling for the core of the problem and the experience to suggest to you what you really need to move on in your process effectively. Considerate, penetrating, sincere, and glowing with love professional. This is who you will deal with working with her!

Mirela N.


Luisa’s words are always with me. The work we’ve done together gave me awareness about my strengths, my achievements, and how to use them for the future. It unlocked the positivity I had deep inside.

Iris I.


Luisa is an amazing, heart-minded, centered person. With her great compassion and intuition on the one hand and strategic tools and big experience as a coach, on the other hand, she leads you directly to your blind spots. These obstacles, which keep you away from happiness and often are difficult to be discovered on your own

Ciao I’m Luisa!

I am a Happiness Catalyst, I help people and organizations to reach happiness through the expression of their talent and uniqueness. This means that my purpose is to help you be the person you deserve to be.
To achieve it, I use the same tools that helped me. I strongly believe that this is possible, this is my secret!
If you want to learn everything I know, avoid the mistakes I’ve made and are you really willing to reignite your life, feel happier, calmer, and more in control, this is the journey for you..


You can sign up by paying with Paypal and credit card or book a free discovery call with me to understand together if this is the right journey for you.