Your Inner Balance Journey

Reignite your life:
feel happier, calmer and more in control

Do you wish to restart less stressed with a renewed energy? Do you want to be ready with a plan to feel happy and relieved and have more time for the important things in life? Would you like to reduce stress and anxiety and start a journey to reach your inner balance?

What you will learn?

In this 4-week course you will learn

  • How to be aware of your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs
  • The tactics to manage the voice of your “inner monkey”
  • The strategies to take your time
  • How to make a plan to take care of yourself and introduce healthy habits
  • My way to reduce stress and anxiety to find your path to your inner balance

Who this course for?

This course is ideal for women juggling with work, family, and social life trying to meet everyone’s needs but their own, who feel that it is time to put themselves at the centre of their lives and bring lightness into their days.

Ciao, I’m Luisa!

I am a Happiness Catalyst, I help people and organizations to reach happiness through the expression of their talents and their uniqueness. It means that my purpose is to help YOU to be the person you deserve to be. I strongly believe it is possible.
To achieve it I use the same tools that helped me. This is my secret in a nutshell. If you want to learn everything I know and avoid the mistakes I made and you’re serious about reigniting your life, feel happier, calmer and more in control this is the course for you.

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