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Ciao! I’m Luisa

I help my clients to be the best version of themselves, expressing their full potential.

I feel…

How our lives are difficult nowadays. We have to deal with job, family, social life. We try to be the person that people around us are expecting us to be. To survive we wear masks, we are tired.

I know…

You feel is time to look for your true self, time to rediscover that inner fire you lost sometime, somewhere, time to align your life to that fire, to fulfil your purpose.

I can…

Help you to bring happiness in your life, let drop the masks off, one by one, discover what is holding you back, stop to procrastinate, and move forward

I will…

Listen to you, talk with you, help you to find your way to happiness.


Luisa is a natural coach and brings a wonderful awareness to others through her unique coaching methodology. Luisa helped me to discover the keys to moving forward in a positive way in my business. Luisa is also very effective in helping in group coaching where she was able to mentor and coach people on many different issues with creative and innovative solutions. I would highly recommend her!

Helen Maffini

Director MindBe Education

Luisa is an amazing, heart-minded, centered person. With her great compassion and intuition on the one hand and strategic tools and big experience as a coach, on the other hand, she leads you directly to your blind spots. These obstacles, which keep you away from happiness and often are difficult to be discovered on your own. Once bringing clarity in your life you can overcome these obstacles together with Luisa and find your way to happiness.
If you are searching for a professional and at the same time warm-hearted guidance, I highly recommend you to work with Luisa. Joy and life-changing experiences are guaranteed.

Iris Ismail

Owner Sirius-energiearbeit.com

Luisa has not only warm and supporting energy that makes it easy to trust her even sore points of your process both business and personal. She has a profound feeling for the core of the problem and experience to suggest to you what you really need to move on in your process effectively. Considerate, penetrating, sincere and glowing with love professional- this is who you will deal with working with Luisa! Your results will be natural and life-changing!

Tayna Potiomkyna

International Human Design School

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