Change! Unleash the new YOU

Kickstart your new habits in 4 weeks
to change your life

Habits exert their power in all areas of our life: health, work, economic situation, and happiness. More than 40% of the actions performed by people every day are not the result of decisions, but habits. This means that for about half the time we operate with the autopilot engaged.

Our choices are only apparently the fruit of thoughtful reasoning. But what really determines our behaviors? And why is it so difficult to modify them?

The mechanisms that influence our decisions are mostly driven by impulses that are often beyond our control and understanding. Most of the choices we make every day are not the result of conscious reflections but of habits. While individually they do not have great significance, on the whole, they greatly affect our lives. The good news is that habits are not destiny: they can be changed and replaced.

Change! Unleash the new YOU is a journey that will allow you to better understand how habits are formed and how it is possible to replace harmful habits and inserting new empowering ones.

Are you ready to take your life in hand?

What you will learn?

In this 4-week course you will learn

  • The 3-step process of forming habits
  • How to break the automatisms
  • How habits and willpower work
  • How to choose and create a new good habit in a positive and proactive way
  • How to change a “bad” habit
  • How to make the changes you want in your life.

Who this course for?

This course is ideal for women that despite their best intentions know how hard is to get rid of their automatic behaviors. They feel that habitual ways of behaving are preventing them from achieving their well-being and self-realization and feel that it’s time to take over the reins of their life.


Iris I.


Luisa is an amazing, heart-minded, centered person. With her great compassion and intuition on the one hand and strategic tools and big experience as a coach, on the other hand, she leads you directly to your blind spots. These obstacles, which keep you away from happiness and often are difficult to be discovered on your own

Lucia B.


The experience was truly unique and powerful. Bringing out a part of me that perhaps I didn’t even know struck me enormously. Positively. That deep and inner voice that lives freely and without fears or be afraid helped me to put things, situations, and people into a different perspective and light.

Britt T.


Luisa is a very positive and motivating person. […] She is great in listening and even greater in asking the right questions at the right time and miraculously solutions showed up I did not even consider before. She also gave me excellent but easy to use tools to feel calm and stay positive.

Ciao, I’m Luisa!

I am your Happiness Catalyst. I help people and organizations to reach happiness through the expression of their talent and uniqueness. This means that my purpose is to help you be the person you deserve to be.
To achieve it, I use the same tools that helped me. I strongly believe that this is possible, this is my secret!
If you want to learn everything I know, avoid the mistakes I’ve made and are you really willing to reignite your life, feel happier, calmer, and more in control, this is the journey for you.


Tayna P.


Luisa has a profound feeling for the core of the problem and the experience to suggest to you what you really need to move on in your process effectively. Considerate, penetrating, sincere, and glowing with love professional. This is who you will deal with working with her!

Mirela N.


Luisa’s words are always with me. The work we’ve done together gave me awareness about my strengths, my achievements, and how to use them for the future. It unlocked the positivity I had deep inside.

Helen M.


Luisa is a natural coach and brings a wonderful awareness to others through her unique coaching methodology. Luisa helped me to discover the keys to moving forward in a positive way in my business.

Change! Unleash the new YOU!